The Envision Medical Group believes the more informed our patients are about their care, the healthier they will be. Please find videos from our providers below. Let us know if you have any questions.

Annual Physical Exam – Michael Wayne, DO

Annual Well Visits – Patrick Brennan, DO

Quality Care – Patrick Brennan, DO

Containing Medical Costs – Patrick Brennan, DO

The Importance of Diabetes Management – Paul Jackson, DO

Geriatric Medicine – Adam Kellman, DO

Full Cost of Care – Jim Schoeck and Jim Golden, MD

Inpatient Care and the Postdischarge Transition – Gary Hollander, DO

Pediatric Care – Dan Rosenberg, DO

Importance of Seeing Your PCP – Anthony Monaco, MD

How Annual Exams Help with Your Long-Term Care – Anthony Monaco, MD

Benefits of the Envision System – Anthony Monaco, MD

Future of Healthcare – Tom Selznick, DO

Importance of Mammograms – Evita Singh, MD

The Role of a Dietician – Kelly Golladay

Lipid Care – David Gowman, DO

Explanation of Heart Cath – Jason George, DO

Explanation of Heart Disease – Jason George, DO

Evaluation of Coronary Disease – Jason George, DO

Podiatry Care – Alan Bloch, DPM