Envision Medical Group recently joined The Village MD Family, practicing as Village Medical. The recent move will see Envision’s primary care team situated across 12 locations in Michigan, offering a wide range of specialized virtual home and in-office health visits.

Envision Medical Group – A Leading Clinically Integrated Physician-Driven Network

Envision Medical Group (EMG) provides hospitals and healthcare facilities with quality services delivered through a patient-first policy. The group was formed in 2010 with the teaming of four primary care groups to create a more extensive integrated group practice. 

Gradually, EMG expanded to include 40 primary care providers and 20 specialists to optimize the cost and quality of patient management. Envision offers quality healthcare with services delivered in a timely and consistent manner through impactful partnerships and arrangements. 

Village MD’s progressive relationship with Envision could provide optimized patient care at a significantly more affordable cost than local hospitals and physician groups. 

Village Medical – Tools, People, and Technology for Optimal Patient Experiences

Village Medical is a subsidiary of Village MD, one of the nation’s fastest-growing valued-based primary care practices. The Village Medical brand focuses on providing patient management excellence through quality treatment, continuous education, and preventative care practices. 

The Village Medical team offers seamless healthcare services to patients through affiliated clinics, personalizing each visit with systematic medical records. Additionally, Village Medical Home provides quality at-home services to empower patients and their caregivers with specialized home visits according to specific healthcare needs. 

Envision Medical Group Forms Relationship With VillageMD

The announcement that “Envision Medical Group forms a relationship with VillageMD” is exciting. 

The recent collaboration will empower the experienced physicians and healthcare staff in EMG as they join the Village MD family, working closely toward responding to the medical industry with a meticulous distribution of resources based on patient priorities. 

Tim Barry, CEO, and chairman of Village MD shared, “We’re excited to grow our longstanding relationship with Envision Medical Group, has been an affiliate practice of VillageMD since 2018. Their experienced team of primary care providers and their leadership from Jim Schoeck as CEO align with our vision for offering accessible, high-quality care.”

Healthcare Accessibility Within the Wisconsin Community

VillageMD and Village Medical oversee 15 markets with over 1.6 million patients. The relationship with EMG will significantly expand the group’s care outreach to Wisconsin patient communities across Metro Detroit and Westland. 

EMG’s care experts can provide their patients with Village Medical’s suite of comprehensive care solutions, including the cost-effective management of chronic illnesses such as congestive heart failure and kidney disease. 

While EMG’s physicians have witnessed the effectiveness of Village Medical’s advanced tools and technologies through past collaborations, they will now have the opportunity to utilize these solutions in advancing their patient treatment plans. 

For instance, the EMG team will have access to VillageMD’s patent-pending docOS® operating platform, a patient-first innovation that gives primary care providers intuitive access to patient data in eliminating healthcare gaps for optimal response. 

Do you have questions about our new partnership with Village Medical? Feel free to contact us for more information on the upcoming healthcare changes in our practice!