The holidays are here again, and that means it’s almost time for the celebrations with friends and family that many people look forward to all year long. It also means dinners, parties, and the abundance of food that comes with the festive season. Unfortunately, the combination of large dinners and plenty of delicious desserts makes eating healthy during the holidays difficult. It doesn’t have to be difficult if you just follow Envision Medical Group’s tips to eating healthy during holiday celebrations.

6 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Here are six easy and convenient holiday healthy tips that will help everyone stay on track with their health and diet goals going into the New Year.

Fill Up on Low-Calorie Appetizers

One of the best ways to avoid eating unhealthy during the holidays is to eat low-calorie appetizers before the main course at parties. Things like fruits, vegetables, and low-calorie dips are perfect for taking the edge off of hunger. While appetizers are being served, you can also begin mingling with other guests at the party. As you talk and catch up, you’ll find yourself less tempted to return to the appetizer table for the second and third servings. The same concept applies to beverages. Instead of eggnog, soda, wine, or other high-calorie drinks, ask for sparkling water and a lemon or lime.

Use a Smaller Plate

One of the simplest and most effective holiday healthy tips for eating is to use a small plate. With less room on the plate, it’s much less tempting to take large servings of unhealthy side dishes. Having less room on a plate is an easy way to keep portion sizes under control without meticulously measuring out the food. Another helpful trick is to fill half the plate with vegetables to further cut back on portions of higher-calorie dishes.

Bring a Healthy Side

Bringing a healthy side dish along to a party is one of the best ways to ensure there’s a healthy option available when it’s time to eat. Although it’s important to prepare a healthy dish, it also needs to be tasty enough for everyone else to enjoy. Fresh fruit, whole-grain pasta salad, and vegetables with a yogurt dip are all good choices for sides that will allow everyone to enjoy a healthy side.

Have a Meal Plan

Avoiding eating unhealthy during the holidays means having an eating plan and sticking to it. Try to decide what you’re going to eat and what you’ll avoid before the meal begins. Then, follow the plan when it comes time to eat. This takes a bit of self-discipline, but it makes healthy eating at holiday parties much easier. Having an eating plan also gives you the opportunity to incorporate small servings of a few high-calorie dishes that you really want to have while cutting out the ones that aren’t as important to you.

Eat Slowly and Savor The Food

Another one of the top holiday healthy tips is to eat slowly. Savoring the food keeps the urge to eat too much too quickly under control. Savoring the food even makes it possible to enjoy very small portions of some favorite treats that may not be terribly healthy. Enjoying higher-calorie dishes in small quantities strikes a good balance between avoiding holiday weight gain and still getting a few bites of your favorite treats.

Get Some Exercise After the Meal

Finally, it’s a great idea to get some exercise after the meal. While no one wants to do an hour of cardio after Christmas dinner, a walk or a light jog makes it easy to keep moving and burn off some of the excess calories. Even if it’s only for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, working exercise into a daily routine is a great way for everyone to stay healthy during the holiday season and in 2022.

Envision Medical Group Is Here To Help

Using these simple eating healthy during holiday celebrations tips, you can still enjoy your favorite foods this holiday season. Contact us at Envision Medical Group if you need assistance with diet and nutrition. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy diet, having the right plan is the best possible place to start.